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NameCrossFit Iron Mary's
OwnerRay and Mary Anderson
Phone(803) 414-9601
Address711 East Main St.
Lexington, SC 29072

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Fitness doesn't have to stop when you become pregnant and it can continue fairly soon after giving birth. #truth #dontstopmoving

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Our monthly #SweatAngels check in. #lets #checkin every time you #HitTheGym #150GallonsOfPurifiedWater #EveryCheckInHelps

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#Monday #WOD

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A 24 min. emomarap is so fun!! Yep that's a word...Mike made it up this morning and it makes the workout SO awesome!

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Nice job Chris! 500lbs DL #CrossFitAnacortes #SweatAngels #WOD #DeadLift #QuarterTon #PRs #bigweights #heavyload #impressive #holdontight #allday #newgoal600lbs #congrats #nicejob #boom

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Come on MCF!

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Monday's Bridgetown CrossFit WOD: Hang Power Clean build up to heavy triple THEN 2x2 and 3x1 12 Minute Clock 75 Wall Balls with remaining time AMRAP 3 Hang Power Clean (85% of 3) 6 Bar Facing Burpees

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Bridgetown Barbell Club Olympic Weightlifting Program Week 10 Day 1 Snatch 55/3 65/3 70/2 75/2x2 90/1 85/1 99/2x2 88/2x1 Snatch Balance 65/5 70/4 75/3 80/2 85/1 90/1 93/2 93/2x2 Front Squat 55/5 65/4 70/3 75/2 80/2x2 85/2 75/2x4

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jhonblogger published the post 5 Tips to Choose Clothes for the Gym – Prefer Practicality over Fashion on Tabata Times
There are few options when choosing appropriate clothing for the gym since we must adapt to an...
Frank Bodnar, DC, MS published the post Not All Calories Are Created Equal on
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9:00am class is NOW LIVE. WarmUp Run or Row 600m 3 Rounds :15 HSH 6 PullUp 12 Lunge 1) PushPress 4x2; Rest :90 2) ForTime Row 500m 15 Burpee 25 KBS 32/24 kg 15 Burpee Row 500m Cool Group

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CrossFit Roseburg posted an article
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Monday 8.28.15 WOD 10 rounds for time: 7 strict pull ups 7 strict dips 200m run Photo: Travis working hard on his deadlifts.

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Class Times: 5:00am (Joey), 10am (Lisa), 5pm (Marianne), 6pm (Lisa), 7pm (Lisa) Warm up: run 200 2 minutes jump rope dynamic leg swings arm circles 15 jumping jacks 10 air squats 10 samson stretch 10 push ups 10 sit ups 10 kb swings-light 5 strict pull ups -eccentric hold on way down 5 plank to squats 10 rocking hollow rocks pvc: pass throughs windmills shoulder stretch trunk twists Wod: *Annie (for time) 50-40-30-20-10 Double unders Sit ups, -rest 5 minutes- *Elizabeth (for time) 21-15-9 Cleans(95/135) Ring dips,

kaya posted on CrossFit CSA
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Photo Credit: @realchrisrosa From our family to yours, THANK YOU! and #FUCANCER Monday, August 31st Metcon Four Rounds For Time 500 Meter Row 10 Overhead Walking Lunge Steps 10 Burpees Olympic Lifting - Snatch Build to 2 Rep Hang Snatch Skill 5 Sets 10 Toes to Bar 10 Yard Handstand Walk (sub 10-30 second L Hold) Fitness: Overhead w/PVC Performance: Overhead 15/25 Competition: Overhead 35/55 Baby Daddy: Four RFT 300 M Row 10 Lunge Steps 10 Ring Rows

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August 31st, 2015 Skill 30 on 30 off for 5 minutes cleans 105/155 WOD 15 minute AMRAP 400M run 50 box jump overs 20/24 50 push-ups

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Way to go ladies! Janelle knocks out another strict pull up and so does Jill S! You gals are on FIRE!

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8/31/15 The. Matt. Baumann! Strength Front Squat (7 x 1) 85-90%, same weight for all sets. 500 m Row for every missed rep. Conditioining 7 min AMRAP: 5 Push Presses 5 Strict Pullups L1: 135/95, 2 Muscle Ups L2: 115/75 L3: 95/65, Banded

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Community - a group of people working together towards a common goal. Great job CrossFit Portland Hood to Coast Team!!! Feels.

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Monday Training 08/31/2015

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In case you missed it!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS! IT'S SUNDAY FUNDAY 2:00pm CrossFit 101 2:00pm KidFit 3:00pm OlympicLifting ++ 4:10pm coaches ITP meeting.

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Thank you @WODwell for a fun throwdown yesterday! #culture #community #cypher #crossfitcypher #wodwell #moose #the300 #crossfit

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Great community class this morning. Special shout out to Mike for completing wod with full kipping pull-ups for the first time. Getting stronger!

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Excellent work from all the athletes that did the team wod today! It was a big ask in the heat but everyone give it 100%! Beast mode!

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Sunday is a Recovery Day.

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Don't forget 9:30 Sunday class tomorrow! A great chance to get one more WOD in before the week is over :) See ya there - Coach T

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Skill: Muscle up drills (15 min) 2sets -Swing Hip to Rings x5 -Ring Supports x5 -Transitions x5 -Jumping MU transition (no dip) (no dip) x5 WOD 1: EMOM 10 10 wallballs 1-3 MU WOD 2: For time 20 T2B 50 Plate Burpees (45/25) 20 T2B (12 min cap) Sasha Yevelev is the CFPH Athlete of the Month for August! [ 42 more words. ]

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What an epic day! We had 8 athletes compete and a ton of support for them all! Everyone did great. Our very own Jeff Cortez made it to the podium for 2nd place in masters division! Great job everyone!

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Thomas and Cherie pics from the SacFit Games. It was a tough but very fun event. Those circus dumbells were no joke. Great job to both of you!

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Three of the sweetest people you'll ever meet putting on their penitentiary faces. So cute. @shannaguz @zoeelyse5 @briannalamb #tjsgyms #charliesangels #betterthanduckface

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#tjsgyms @sarahadkins with @repostapp. ・・・ Testing week was brutal. But pr'ed my back squat, power clean and bench press. And my deadlift is slowly returning despite a back tweak last week. All in all, happy with the progress. So now, it's pool time! @tjsgyms cc: @delia.adkins #madebycff

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Huge congrats to Mangela for wining the best #4# Bench Press with an easy 116 press at 108# BW. She would have gone heavier but squeezed in 2 rushed attempts in between the male dominated lifting platform. Also hats off to Marques Morgan who smashed a 400 bench at 206# then went on to unofficially lift up to 425. Over 2x BW on the bench press is insanely strong.

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Fyi: Toilets are fixed! Tree roots vs sewer pipe = sad CFO'ers Giant THANK YOU to Mini for overseeing repair and cleaning up (ew!).

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We have one athlete in first for scaled and one in second for men's masters before the last WOD! Stay tuned...

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How much ya bench, bro?

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TODAY'S PARTNER WOD In 7 minutes: Establish a Thruster 3 rm (from the rack) 2 minute rest Then, AMRAP 7 minutes: A. 5 hspu 15 ttb B. 5 hang power clean (155/105) 40 double-unders *one partner starts on A and the other on B. Once the 7 minutes is up, the partners switch and continue on for another 7 minutes (14 minutes total). Score is total number of rounds/rep + thruster total.

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